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The perfect IP Telephony termination fit for your business.


Here’s why RanksITT is ahead of the business IP Telephony pack



Crystal clear IP calls quality and no voice delay



24/7 professional IP-oriented support team ensures seamless integration



Billing is 1/1 for all destinations.

Safe and secure Hosted VoIP provider

Boost your sales and customer service call centers

RanksITT offers wholesale IP Telephony short duration and dialer termination solutions to fit any scale or type of call center. Our Dedicated Short-Duration (CC) termination team focuses on delivering an unlimited capacity for concurrent IP calls. Renowned call quality, performance, and unmatched service levels.

Operating on high volume, multi-destination environment? Contact us today to learn more about our Short Duration IP Telephony termination services.

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Everything in the Right Place

The RanksITT provides your managers with ready access to any tools and data needed to keep up with daily routine at their best. Lead prioritizing, customer history, notes, call lists, records and much more — available in one place.


Right Lead to the Right Agent

Now each and every call can be automatically routed to agents according to any specific skill or necessary background in the industry. Split your agents into groups by language, interest, location, timezone or any other common criteria.

Streamlined Workflow Right From Day One

Your agents can get down to the RanksITT Call center right when we’re done with the very basic setup. Complete simple configuration to define personal user access levels for admins, agents, managers and supervisors — and they’re ready to go.


Web-based Dialer and Administrator by RanksITT

For Those Who Seek Business Operations At Their Peak



Coordinate your automated phone calls with unique business logic.

  • CRM integration
  • Monitoring & Analysis
  • Role-based access
  • Campaign management


Automate your sales teams routine and help them focus on their vital tasks.

  • Auto Dialing & Callback
  • Progressive Dialing
  • Predefined setup
  • Custom SMS, emails

Customer Service

Get more satisfied customers by Routing each call to the right person.

  • Call recording
  • Lead history
  • Performance tracking
  • Skill-based assignment

Call center

Take control of your call center, gain meaningful insights, and increase your performance.

  • Intelligent call routing
  • Agent screen & DNC lists
  • Timezone management
  • Voicemail detection

Stop losing your Business & Administration, Go auto today

It’s easy to set up with a customized IP Telephony termination plan via RanksITT

Powerful short duration IP Telephony termination to high volume contact call centers as well as IP Telephony origination and toll-free DID numbers.
Our customized plans include the most advanced IP Telephony termination technologies and full global coverage.

Personal auto dialer manager
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Virtual DID Numbers

Geographical, Mobile and Toll-Free Virtual DID Numbers. Extensive DID Numbers coverage and SIP Origination with SMS Services